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Manly State School Physical education and sport

All students at Manly State School are exposed to a variety of Educational and recreational experiences throughout the school year including physical education lessons, interschool sport, carnivals, and school camps. All areas are committed to creating an inclusive environment for every student regardless of ability and encompass the school motto “Play the Game”.

Physical education

Every student receives weekly physical education lessons to support their physical, emotional and social development. Students from prep to year 1 complete a Proprioceptive motor program (PMP) which develops gross motor ability and gives them vital skills required to play sport as they get older. Throughout a student’s time at Manly State School, from year 2 onwards, children learn and develop key skills in a number of sporting areas. These include – athletics, swimming, fitness, invasion games and many more.

Kilometre club

Kilometre club is run in term 3 on a Wednesday and Friday morning. Students, teachers and parents voluntarily walk a circuit of the oval equivalent to a kilometre. Each kilometre walked is recorded and badges received for achieved distance milestones. Each sports house also benefits by receiving points for the kilometres walked.

Interschool sport

An inclusive and fun experience, Interschool sport offers students in grades 5 to 7 to put into practice skills learned in physical education lessons. Students also receive additional and specialist coaching sessions during a season. Many sports are on offer including netball, rugby league, soccer and sailing.

District sport trials

There are many talented students at Manly State School who excel in a number of sports. These students are given the opportunity to trial for Lytton district teams, with some going onto represent the state of Queensland. Sports include swimming, athletics, rugby, tennis, soccer, cricket and cross country.  

School carnivals

Manly State School is proud to incorporate a House system throughout year levels.
  • Flinders (red).
  • Oxley (yellow).
  • Cook (green).
The houses have traditionally competed at Inter House sports carnivals with the victorious receiving a respective trophy. The age champion awards are fiercely sought after and maximum participation makes these events a definite date for the diary for the entire school community!

Tips for Health and physical education (HPE) success

Here are some things you can do to ensure your child gets the most out of HPE at Manly State School.

Before starting at Manly State School – be a healthy and active role model to your children. Expose them to as many physical activities as possible.


Ensure you child has the correct shoes for sport – running trainers may look awesome but they are only designed for running in a straight line. A pair of cross trainers or court shoes provides much better support for all activities covered in physical education.

If your child cannot tie shoelaces Velcro shoes can be worn to school until they are confident at ties laces. Let them practice at home until they become confident.  


Ask your child what they have been learning about in physical education and if possible get them to practice. Practice doesn’t always make perfect but it does make permanent. It takes 10,000 strokes in tennis to make a new shot autonomous. 

Join a club

Many students who play for clubs often go on to represent the school at district trials. These students also have greater potential to attain higher grades in HPE for that sport/activity.